AWS, DevOps

Introduction to Wildfly

Wildfly, previously known as JBoss AS, is a fully implemented JEE container - application server, authored by JBoss Incorporated.  In 2006, JBoss Inc was acquired by Red Hat and since then Wildfly became their product. Wildfly is production ready, cross-platform and open-source application server with paid support subscription from...

by Krishna Gupta
Tag: Cross Platform

Android, Connected TV

An introduction to SMAF

With the recent advancements in Smart TV ecosystems, almost one million Smart TVs are estimated by 2017.  Most of these Smart TVS belong to HTML / CSS / Javascript platforms. However, few Android TVs are based on java  platforms whereas Roku TVs apps are developed on Brightscript platform. Though all Smart TV‘s provide their own...

by Himanshu Singh
Tag: Cross Platform