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Make your Digital Business Agile for Today’s Customer

Today’s digitally evolving customers demand highly seamless interaction and instant access to information. Think of a scenario, when you have built an outstanding product and have invested in several marketing campaigns. You get the best sales team onboard who are eagerly waiting to see their inboxes getting bombarded with leads and...

by Shweta Sharma
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Install and Configure SAR on Ubuntu

Monitoring servers are very important for every server administrator. There are some command line tools available to monitor server resource usages like top, vmstat, etc. Why ? SAR or sar provides almost all the resource usages reports which we get from many different tools at one place but more importantly is could keep...

by Nitin Bhadauria
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7 Must-Have Jenkins Plugins

The Jenkins is the best freeware tool to fasten your development cycle. It helps you to increase team productivity with CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous delivery). In the development phase, you have to test changes more frequently. A single-click build and deploy job reduce time to validate your modified codebase, and...

by Rajdeep Singh
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