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Setting up Logback in Jetty-9.2.16

Log files record all the activity of a program during its execution lifetime. Generally used for diagnosing problems, auditing, debugging, or information gathering. Why Logback? For automatically removing old logs. It also automatically compresses archived log files. Provides a wide array of filtering capabilities. ...

by Anup Yadav
Tag: jetty

AWS, Technology

Convert Apache (x509 cert) SSL Certificate to Tomcat (Keystore)

When setting up SSL certificate for a website, we mainly use two types of SSL certificate one is x509 mostly used with applications support OpenSSL library and other is Keystore which is used with Java 1.6+ applications. Apache/Nginx uses x509 pem/crt files which is is very different than a Jetty/Tomcat (Java 1.6+) system that uses...

by Nitin Bhadauria
Tag: jetty

Grails, Technology

Running GRAILS application on JETTY

Jetty is one of the many open source HTTP servers and servlet containers available today. The key features that help us decide to use Jetty are: Performance: Jetty focuses on multi-HTTP connections to reduce page load time significantly Smaller Memory Footprint: It also takes up a very small amount of the sever's available memory so...

by Prakashul
Tag: jetty