Making a text vertical aligned in a DIV

Recently in my project I had to implement one page in which an image and the related text had to be shown side by side using the DIV tags, where the text needed to be centered vertically with respect to the image. Example : Let's take a scenario where we cannot use vertical-align with DIV to display the text in center adjacent to the...

by Rajan Shergill
Tag: database table


mysqldump of particular records without create – drop of tables

Hi,   Recently i was in a situation where i need to take the dump of particular records in mysql. We are pretty much familiar with the normal mysqldump statement given below : [sql] mysqldump --user=usr --password=pwd database_name table_name > dumpFile.sql; [/sql] The above statement will provide us the dump of the...

by Tarun Pareek
Tag: database table


Backup & Restore MySql Database Table(s)

Hi Friends, I needed to take the backup and restore the selected table(s) of mysql database. And I found Gaurav Chauhan's blog on taking dump of the database and to restore the database. So I tried with the same commands but with table names passed as parameters and that worked. mysqldump -u root -p my_database Table1 Table2 >...

by Amit Jain
Tag: database table