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Deadliest Web Attacks and How to Shield from Them

Do you think your web application is sheltered and safe? Think again! 2016 was a year which saw a portion of the most exceedingly awful digital assaults whether it be the 32 lakh Indian bank debit/credit cards data traded off or Mark Zuckerberg himself getting his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked. Cyber Attacks are continuously...

by Naman Goel
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Protect WordPress login using AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall

AWS re:Invent has already begun and keeping in mind security of your applications in the cloud, AWS has launched a new service called AWS Web Application Firewall. This service is intended to secure what you share on the world wide web via AWS CloudFront. Making the experience for the user better with more security is what AWS has always...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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Application Security

Six Common Mistakes that may put your Application Under Risk

A thief picks a lock to open it. But if the key is already available, it’s a piece of cake for the thief. Such is the nature of applications and hackers today. All it takes is one mistake from the developer(the key) and the hackers capitalize on that mistake (the theft). It has been rightly said, ”Security is only as strong as the...

by Nikhit Kumar
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