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Headless CMS – An Overview

Content has become a new prerogative of companies wanting to improve customer experience. It is content that sells. Storytelling is gaining traction and so is content marketing. Organizations are producing large amounts of data and content, but a heap of data is of no use. Content Management Systems act as a key enabler for managing large...

by Dwiza Saha
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Drupal, Software development

Why Choose Drupal Over Other CMSs?

Why Drupal? A primary question that comes to our mind before stepping ahead for development is how to choose the best suited CMS for the website from a variety of available CMS? Now, it depends on the requirements, if the website is a blog related website, you will definitely think of WordPress and if the website is E-commerce...

by Harsh Behl
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Application Security, Technology

Exploring iThemes Security Plugin to Secure WordPress websites – 2

In my previous blog on Ithemes Security, we went through Dashboard, Configuration and Global Settings. In this second part of the blog series,  A detailed understanding of sections 404 Detection, Away Mode, Banned Users will be covered. 404 Detection Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Some...

by Ankit Giri
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AWS, DevOps

Protect WordPress login using AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall

AWS re:Invent has already begun and keeping in mind security of your applications in the cloud, AWS has launched a new service called AWS Web Application Firewall. This service is intended to secure what you share on the world wide web via AWS CloudFront. Making the experience for the user better with more security is what AWS has always...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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Application Security

Exploring iThemes Security Plugin to Secure WordPress websites

WordPress websites are mostly an easy target for attacks due to improper file permissions and vulnerable plugins being installed. Different factors that lead to attack on WordPress sites are :- Weak Passwords Vulnerable Plugins Obsolete version of WordPress being used Possible Solution Securing WordPress is a process and it...

by Ankit Giri
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AWS, Technology

Block admin login page attack using Fail2ban

Recently on my project, someone did brute force attack over the login page of WordPress with multiple IPs. In the first response, we have blocked those IP on Nginx conf and later we realized, it would be better if we do it through IPtables. However, this was not enough as we need the manual intervention on the daily basis, hence things...

by Prashant Sharma
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AWS Elastic Beanstalk ( PHP Application )

In continuation to my previous Blog on Elastic Beanstalk (Grails Application) , I would now tell you how to deploy a PHP application via Elastic Beanstalk. So, again, we will quickly go through what AWS Elastic Beanstalk does. It is deploying your application in the AWS Cloud without worrying about the infrastructure & making your...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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