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5 Things To Know Before You Start API Testing

As you might be aware, API  stands for Application Program Interface. As the name suggests, it acts like an interface between the user and the application. APIs are mainly responsible for the data exchange services between the two different software. Software testing is complicated and challenging. It is therefore essential to...

by Shreya Agrwal
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Cloud, Mobility

Thinking Mobile First? 9 Performance Optimization Techniques You Should Know

Performance is a critical success factor to your Mobile First Approach. Whether you are showcasing mobile web experience or an application, performance is the key. According to a survey, 1 second delay in page load time can lead to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. Outlined below...

by kinshuk jhala
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AWS, DevOps

Continuous Delivery Best Practices

Continuous Delivery is the methodology or a software strategy where code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production. Continuous Delivery makes the code deployment possible at any time by a single click. Continuous Delivery takes care of the testing process before each deployment in any environment....

by Shivam Agrawal
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Load Testing HLS Stream Using JMeter

  What is Video Streaming? Although highly unlikely, but if you are wondering the meaning of video streaming, it simply means that to play the online video, you won’t need to download the video completely. It offers you other advantages like you can jump directly to a section of the video and start playing it from there. As you...

by Raghu Sharma
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AWS, DevOps

JMeter Master Slave Setup In Multiple AWS Regions

In this blog, I’ll be demonstrating how to set up master-slave JMeter set up in multiple AWS regions. The aim is to generate load from multiple regions or multiple AZs in order to get a flavour of real load. For this purpose I am using EC2 servers, so a master server in Oregon region and the slave is running in N.Virginia region. ...

by Tarun Saxena
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Automation Testing, Java

BrowserMob: Proxy for WebPage Load Testing Using Selenium

Every high-performance organization uses one or the other performance measures and, often, are involved in devising new techniques and tools to deliver efficient performance systems. These tools are used to collect performance data to analyse and forecast the behaviour of the system when it goes live, and to eliminate all the issues that...

by Keshav Kashyap
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Load Testing an SMTP application using JMeter & Postal

In this blog, we will see how to perform load testing of an SMTP application exhaustively. We will be doing that using two tools, namely : 1) Postal 2) JMeter Postal is a program which tests the performance of SMTP email servers by sending random messages to the specified server. We can test the performance and throughput of an...

by Komal Gupta
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Load Testing Made Easy with a Simple JMeter Utility

Load Testing is one of the major aspect which we all do for our applications, especially for those which have publicly available pages and has very heavy traffic. JMeter is a very commonly used tool for doing load testing. As developers, it is a very good tool to have in our skill set.   However we, as lazy productive...

by Vivek Krishna
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