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Getting Started With Azure Blob Service Using Grails

Many of you already know about Microsoft Azure, which is a cloud based computing platform infrastructure for deploying, and managing applications and services globally. One of its most useful service is the blob service, which is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data, whether text or binary data which is easily...

by Sagar Mal Shankhala
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A day before GR8Conf EU 2016

It's finally here. The 2016 edition of GR8Conf EU in Copenhagen is starting from today. We have been coming to GR8Conf EU from last 5+ years. Just like every year, the line-up of sessions & speakers is really great. The Global part of the conference is accentuated by the attendees & speakers who are coming from 20+ nations. ...

by Puneet Behl
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Hooking into the Instance methods of the GORM API

In my grails plugin I was needed to add some fields that were common to a set of domains. For eg: for some domains we wanted to store fields like createdBy and lastUpdatedBy to keep track of users who created and last updated each record in that domain. Grails framework provides timestamping using which we can keep track of the time a...

by Sandeep Poonia
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GR8ConfIN 2016 – For the GR8 developers in town RECAP

It was indeed an amazing GR8Conf IN 2016 with more than 200 participants, marvelous line-up of speakers and fully packed parallel sessions at The Lalit, New Delhi. This year the conference was sponsored by OCI, which is the new home for Grails. The entire conference was also live streamed by #fame with more than 4000 viewers across the...

by Mansi Arora
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How I discovered RCE through a Misconfigured plugin

We have seen a lot of applications where some sub-domains or sub-directories are publicly exposed (intently or by mistake). So, with experience from our past pentests we have made a habit of testing  for vulnerable or accessible sub-domains. During one of such testing, I was manually testing the URLs of different sub-domains of the...

by Ankit Giri
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Intercept Grails Service class method calls

I was trying to intercept method calls of a Grails Service class for a little while. Adding interceptors to Controllers is really easy and I wanted to intercept calls to one of the methods in a Service class in a similar fashion. But adding interceptors to Grails Service Classes is not as straightforward as for Controllers. After doing...

by Sandeep Poonia
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Enable Grails application to serve resources through CDN

In a recent project we were required to move our static content files to some CDN because servers were getting millions of hits every hour and many of the resources on the main page were static (like JS/CSS/etc). I hope most of the people understand CDN already. So, I’m not covering any information on CDN fundamentals or how to set it...

by Salil
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Running GRAILS application on JETTY

Jetty is one of the many open source HTTP servers and servlet containers available today. The key features that help us decide to use Jetty are: Performance: Jetty focuses on multi-HTTP connections to reduce page load time significantly Smaller Memory Footprint: It also takes up a very small amount of the sever's available memory so...

by Prakashul
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Write Criteria with has many String Types

Taking further this scenario, what if we need to query for partial matches of String, like just 'rai' not 'grails'. We face many issues while creating criteria with has many relationship on String types as normal way of querying doesn't work with has many relationship for String  types. One way of getting this done is to use HQL....

by Kirti Nandwani
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Testing promises with Jasmine

We have been using Jasmine to test our angular code. Recently I came across a piece of code in Javascript which included a REST API call and returned a promise. The promise then had a success callback and all the rest of the play. So in this blog, I have tried to illustrate how to test a promise. Here I have a function which returns a...

by Komal Jain
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Delete file from Amazon s3 using Javascript sdk

Now a days AWS S3 is commonly used as data storage. So there is one common requirement to delete a file or directory from S3. There are plenty of options avaibale to do the same, so we using javascript implementation for this. There are basic two steps by which you can delete a file from S3. 1. Javascript sdk integration: [java] ...

by Sanchit
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