User Experience

UX Tips to Make Digital Forms Easier and Faster

Are you facing higher dropout rates on the forms of your website or app? If so you probably got the wrong design for them. As UX designers, we must optimally design it to make it easier and faster for users.  From registration to choosing a product/service or ordering something, forms are pivotal and stressful components to accomplish...

by vivek.jain
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Java, Software development

Asynchronous Programming & Aggregation using Apache Camel

In any user facing and real time application, data is of utmost importance as it directly affects any business's market and revenue. Recently, we were needed to build an OTA for booking hotels; wherein User may book hotel rooms for specific dates. For this, we integrated with multiple Suppliers for fetching hotel information which...

by Manali Khanna
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Technology, Testing

Best Practices for Writing Test Cases

What is a Test Case? Set of conditions or variables used by testers to determine whether a system works as expected are Test Cases. These help in validating the coverage of an application. A test case should be : Easy to understand and execute Accurate Easy to trace as per requirements Repeatable Reusable Test cases...

by Rohit Yadav
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Connected TV, Manual Testing

Usability Testing for Smart TV – Quick Tips and Considerations

Usability is the degree of user-friendliness of any application. Hence, the primary focus of usability testing is to understand the way real users interact with a product and possible solutions to improve its design. However, when it comes to usability in Smart TV Apps, the focus branches into multiple aspects such as focus handling,...

by Anurag Singh
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4 CX Techniques That Help to Gain Competitive Advantage

[caption id="attachment_47124" align="aligncenter" width="632"]                                                           Source - Business 2 Community[/caption] Steve jobs once quoted “you got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other way round” We...

by kinshuk jhala
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Experience Design

4 Essential Elements for Designing a Great User Experience

Way back in 90’s, creating web applications used to rely on business goals and mere assumptions about the users. Now the world has changed dramatically, digital technologies have brought users at the center causing businesses to focus on User Experience first. UX (User Experience) is not just a fad; its popularity is increasing...

by Shweta Sharma
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Experience Design, Product Engineering

Infographic – Collaborative Design Thinking – The What and Why?

Design led brands are clearly able to attract user with their improved and consistent omni-channel user experience. Design thinking is the key enabler and a foundation for superior user experience. Collaborative thinking in design helps to come up with more ideas, quickly validate the design and amend it basis the common group...

by kinshuk jhala
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Experience Design, Product Engineering

6 UX Principles That Guide Product Design

Developing new products is significantly challenging, both from the idea and technology standpoints. Having a brilliant idea with great technology knowhow isn’t enough to launch products and stay competitive. User Experience Design, one of the less talked about nuances of product or application development is one of the major drivers of...

by kinshuk jhala
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Manual Testing, Technology

Usability Testing: A Better User Experience

Nowadays new technologies have completely changed the way people do things. The Internet and various devices have made it possible to buy and sell products as well as services at any time and any location. Consequentially, a heavy number of e-commerce and other utility websites have appeared and continue to compete. Now, many of these...



How to get name initials as an image?

While making an application, showing user's image is a very common use case. Gone were the days when we used to show anonymous image in case a person's profile image or display image is not present. We can easily show a person's name initials as an image to identify the person. Like : Lets consider this html, where we use an...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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